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Yorkie picture, our page of Yorkshire Terrier pictures.

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Yorkie Picture :: this page is devoted to pictures of the Yorkshire Terrier sent in by our viewers. If you like your dog's picture on the web and you don't have a website send us a picture of your dog and we'll put it up here for you!

The Yorkshire Terrier are unusually thought of as a soft breed but they come from sturdy working class stock and still hunt vermin down today. They evolved from the English county of Yorkshire hence their name.

An interesting fact is that the puppies are born all black and their tan marking develop later, usually after their 3 months plus. Their coat requires considerable care to keep neatly groomed, a consideration if you're thinking of a Yorkie.


I kept mine clipped fairly short on a regular basis, not a common practice but he was more comfortable and it cut down on grooming time, he wasn't a show dog and had quite a few health problems so it was easier all around.

Send Us Your Dog's Pictures:

I hope you enjoy these photos, if you have one you'd like to share with us send it by email by clicking here: DogPictures@pet-dog-magazine.com Just tell us your dog's breed (if applicable, or your best guess) his/her name, your name (optional) and a few words about your best friend.

This picture is one of the dogs I rescued some time back, this is Buddy, he's a little messy but he had a very hard life before he made his way to our shelter, when he arrived he was so matted he couldn't even walk. (He is a Yorkshire Terrier)

The poor guy was very mistreated but enjoyed his last few years at our house were he was well cared for, he has since passed away but I'll always remember 'little bud'.

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Picture

My Yorkie Picture of 'Little Bud'

How They Measure Up:

Yorkshire Terriers originate from the county of York in England, they have a long flowing coat that is black with tan and some dark bluish striping.

They are classified in the Toy Breed and are for the most part people friendly but can be stand offish with strangers.

Height can be up to 10 inches and weight up to 7 pounds.

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