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The Working Dog Group, not all work and no play anymore.

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For centuries a the Working Dog Group has helped man in a variety of tasks, in most instances it has been something as basic as protection.

The Rottweiler started as a cart dog and doubling as security for the butcher, pulling his cart and guarding the butchers money in a sack around his neck.

As time passed their duties became more detailed and today dogs employ many important jobs such as Police Dogs, Airport Drug and Bomb Detectors, Aiding the Visually and Hearing impaired and alike.

Other parts of the the Working Dog Group have been essential in mans survival such as the Alaskan Malamute serving as a sled dog who's incredible stamina allowed the Eskimo to travel great distances.

These dogs are quick to learn and are intelligent, they make excellent family pets but their background and size should be considered before making them your choice, it is especially important proper Obedience Training be part of the prerequisite in owing a larger Working Dog.

The Working Dog Group:

• Alaskan Malamute
• Anatolian Shepherd
• Bernese Mountain Dog
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• Bullmastiff
• Doberman Pinscher
• German Pinscher
• Giant Schnauzer
• Great Dane
• Great Pyrenees
• Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
• Komondor
• Kuvasz
• Mastiff
• Portuguese Water Dog
• Saint Bernard
• Samoyed
• Siberian Husky
• Standard Schnauzer

Large dogs can adapt to even the smallest of housing arrangements but regular walks are especially necessary for these larger dog breeds.

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