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Virtual Dog Show March 2006

Welcome to our Virtual Dog Show March 2006!

We'll have 8 entries each month and the winner will be determined by our viewers.

Voting for March's online dog show has closed and we've declared a winner! Click here for the final results.

(Want to enter your dog? Click here to enter your best pal in the dog show.)

Here are this month's contestants, have a good look at all our beautiful pooches and vote for your favorite, simple as that, we also encourage you to send as many of your friends and family to vote to help decide this month's winner, they say all's fair in love and dog shows!

1: Murray

Collie Sheppard Mix

Name: Murray (a.k.a 'Murray Boy')
Age: 7 years
Breed: Mixed Collie-Sheppard
Owners Comments: Murray is truly my best friend, I found him at a shelter and while all the other dogs were barking he was just sitting there starring at me wagging his tale with a look on his face that said "What took you so long, I've been here waiting for you." I guess you could say it was love at first sight! He's always in a good mood and loves to go for a walk in the forest or field. Vote for me, I'm a good boy!


2: Chance

Pointer Pit Bull Mix

Name: Chance
Age: 3 years
Breed: Pointer/Pit mix
Owners Comments: I want you to meet Chance. He is a very smart guy and loves getting attention from all. Chance is the "paperboy" and brings the paper in daily,he also carries treats in when we stop for some and will not put the bag down until you are ready for it!!( The neighbor kids like seeing him at Halloween time as Chance will also wear his costume!!

3: Sadie

Chow Mix

Name: Sadie
Age: Puppy
Breed: Chow Mix
Owners Comments: This is my dog, Sadie. I adopted her from the SPCA. She is the sweetest
puppy and loves to eat celery and carrots! She can give you a high five or wave hello! Sadie is a chow mix, but I am not certain what she is
mixed with. Love your website.

4. Tucker

boxer daschund mix

Name: Tucker
Age: 8 Weeks Old
Breed: Boxer, Daschund Mix
Owners Comments: Tucker is a cute smart puppy with a personality so big it can't be summed up in any amount of words. He is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

5. Santana

border collie sheppard cross

Name: Santana
Age: 6 years
Breed: Border Collie Sheppard Cross
Owners Comments: I wanted you to have a picture of my boarder collie / Sheppard cross Santana. She is just the most beautiful and talented dog I know. She play's dead, balances toy's and food on her nose, jumps over my arm and other obstacles on command, dances, gives high fives and shakes hands, speaks and your basic commands

6. Ginger

Mixed Breed Dog Picture

Name: Ginger
Age: 11 months
Breed: Mix:
Owners Comments: Ginger is a mixed breed and loves people. She spins in a circle when I put her food dish down. She loves her warm coat and playing in the snow ,playing with my other dog Sampson who is 11 yrs old. I love the picture and hope you do to.

7. Sirrus

Rottweiler Shephard Pitbull mix

Name: Sirrus
Age: 8 weeks old (born Dec. 25, 2005)
Breed: Mix; Rottweiler,Shephard, Pittbull mix.
Owner's Comments: Sirrus has helped fill the void in my heart. (I recently lost my best friend of 15 years this past January.) Sirrus is my newest "Best Friend" and I am looking forward to the journay we are about to take together. He likes watching TV. (Oh no,not another couch potato) lol.

8. Nikki

Shih Tzu

Name: Nikki
Breed: Shih Tzu
Age: 10 months
Owner's Comments: This is Nikki, she is 10 months old, brown and white with black tips and weighs about 16 lbs. Shih'Tzu's are the most lovable dogs a person could ever have. (:


There we have them folks! Have a good look at all our constestants for vote for your favorite in this running of our March 2006 Virtual Dog Show, may the best dog win!

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