Symba The Chihuahua

by Kate Brown
(United States)

My Handsome Little Devil

My Handsome Little Devil

My Handsome Little Devil
Symba And His Pals
In The Laundry Basket
Cuttie Pie

This is Symba the Chihuahua, his full name is Symba Alejandro Santiago. I was lucky enough to adopt him when he was only 4 months old. He is currently 7 months old and has a world of puppy love to share with everyone he meets! He is NOT your typical Chihuahua by any sense of the breed.

Symba does not bite, bark or chew things. I have only heard him bark about twice in his time with me, and it was when he was playing with his larger breed friends! He plays fetch, accompanies me and his much larger breed dog friends on hikes as long as 6.2 miles, he loves swimming, rough-housing with his BFF Harley who is a 2 year old Lab!

Symba is a Brindle Chihuahua and is his markings are very rare! Symba is a little trooper. He makes friends everywhere he goes, ESPECIALLY the local dog parks. He has the sweetest face and is so fun to cuddle with. If you leave for 10 min and come back it's like he hasn't seen you in YEARS, he gets so so so excited! Enjoy his photos!

What can I say Kate, Symba is one gorgeous pup and excellent quality pictures. Thank you for sending in pictures of your Chihuahua Symba. His markings really are unique, I don't remember ever seeing a Chihuahua quite like him.

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