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Small Dog Sweater, small dog breeds tend to be the most pampered and why not!

Small dog sweater and small dog gear for the pampered pet. Small dog breeds are perhaps the most pampered of all our furry friends, you want to keep these precious pups warm on those chilly nights.

You can get all kinds of small dogs sweaters that include mock turtle necks and rear left slings for that perfect fit!


You Want Your Dog To Look Their Best!

Small dog sweaters and small dog clothing and gear are available to make your pooch stand out from the pack.


Whether you like to dress your dog for style or for practical reasons like protecting them from the elements the comfort and fit of the garment is important


Tips When Fitting Your Pooch For a Small Dog Sweater


You'll find plenty of different colors and designs to make you companion look their best, it's always advisable to buy a size that allows for expansion incase they happen to gain a little weight.


Sweaters, coats and small dog clothing have their own:
X-Small ( 8" )
Small ( 10" to 12" )
Medium ( 14" to 16" )


Which size is right for your dog?


Measure from the base of your dog's neck along the top of it's back to the base of their tail. Example: If the length of your dog's back measures 10" order the 'small size' to allow for comfort and growth.

Finding the perfect Dog Apparel


You can buy small dog sweaters in a variety of materials, fleece, wool, cotton, heck you can even provide your petite canine with safety jackets and rain coats for the adventurous small dog! You'll even find a great selection of designer dog sweaters for the most discriminating canine.

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