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Small Dog Clothing, outfit your prized pooch with latest in small dog clothes.

Small Dog Clothing : If you own a small dog you like to spoil your petit canine.

Small Dogs seem to be naturals for dressing up and because you love your dog so much you like to spoil them, it's only natural.

Beyond the joy of outfitting your prized pooch there are practical reasons that come with fitting them properly with small dog clothing.


Keeping Your Dog Safe And Warm

Small dogs and short haired dogs are more suseptible to cool temperatures. When your dog in used to being kept indoors the drastic change in temperature of going outside can be a shock to their system. You should make sure they have clothing to cover the places they're most vulnerable. Having a dog coat or sweater that covers their underbelly is most advisable.

Like humans most small dogs don't enjoy the rain and keeping them warm and dry with a dog rain coat is a good idea especially if they're going to be in the weather for an extended period of time.

Polar fleece and cotton are the most effective materials to keep your best friend comfortable and warm, a pair of Dog Booties are a great idea if you're going to be in the mud, they'll keep your dog's feet warm and dry and keep your floors from getting muddy too!


Unique and Practical Items For Your Pooch

From shabby to casual chic, there's something to suit every mood or occasion. How about a pair of Denim Coveralls with matching checkered flannel shirt and an accent bandana?

Rain Gear To Keep Them Warm And Dry

Rain slickers are sure to make a splash and be the envy of the park. Your dog will howl with approval while their kept warm and dry on those rainy day walks.

Dog T-shirts, Sweaters

You can find dog t-shirts from the latest designers like Tommy Hilfiger to Harley Davidson and everything inbetween. Dog Sweaters to keep them warm in a variety of materials and colors to bring out the animal in your pet. London plaid chenille sweaters, Shaker knit warm and style even Hot Pink Paris chick designer sweater for the most discriminating tastes.

Sunny Days Head Protection

With Spring and Summer comes the sun and your dog feels it too, you can provide some much needed UV protection for your canine companion with a wide selection of hats and sunglasses. All hats come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes in baseball or beach hat styles.

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