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Small Dog Carrier, safe traveling for your smaller canine on the move!

Small Dog Carrier, smaller dogs are our constant companions and taking them on daily travels or vacations is a must. You want to keep them safe, comfortable and secure.

Small Dog Carriers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and are made from a variety of materials.

Carriers and Crates

Dog Carriers and Crates can be used when transporting your small dog on travel or used in the home as their bed and/or for crate training.

Hard Carriers

Dog Carriers are normally used when you need to transport your pet safely between destinations be it by plane, train or automobile.

Sturdy design with a safe and secure locking system to keep your pet safe in sound are of paramount importance. Ideally you want to choose a carrier with 4- sided ventilation, all metal safety gate with food and water cups. A sturdy handle and a leash loop will make your travels easier.

Soft Carriers

Soft Dog Carriers are available and are ideal for small dogs, approved by most airlines for underseat use. They're stylish and functional but I would only recommend them for when you're dog's within site. These also feature 4 side ventilation with the same sturdy construction features plus the addition of storage pockets, and interior padding.


Crates are normally used as your pets bed and are of the metal tubing variety. As a general rule a crate for a small dog weighing up to 25lbs. should be 24" in depth.

You can outfit your small dogs crate with a variety of accessories to give him or her optimum sleepy time comfort with luxurious crate pads, fans, watering systems and feeders.

Dog Back Pack Carriers

Active pet owners want to take their small dogs with them on hikes, bike rides and in the car. Dog back pack carriers are an ideal solution and weigh as little as 3 lbs. They are collapsible with pockets and pouches to keep both your human and dog supplies close by.

Recommended for pets up to 20 lbs, these small dog carriers will keep you and pouch together on your adventures.

Tote Bag Carriers and more...

Small dogs have the largest variety of carrier options available by far, you'll now find Hand Tote Bags, Wheel away pet carriers, Chic designer tote bags, Auto Pet traveler beds and more.


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