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Small Dog Breed Picture, check out these beautiful pictures of small dogs from our viewers.

Small Dog Breed Picture :: here's 8 more small dog breed pictures sent in from one viewer Rosario! She sent along these beautiful pictures of her prized pooches.

These dogs are obviously characters and have found themselves a wonderful home, she has sent along pictures of her Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Min Pin ( Miniature Pinscher) and Chihuahua. We usually put each individual Dog Breed Picture on it's dedicated Dog Breed Picture page but it only seemed right to keep this pack together. Small dogs have wonderful characters as you'll soon see from these photos...


Shih Tzu PictureShih Tzu Pictures
"This is Lola she is a Shih Tzu and the most adorable one we have ever seen,
she loves treats and toys and to play with our other three dogs."

Shih Tzu Pomeranian PictureMiniature Pinscher Chihauhau Picture
"This is her and Calvin (the cleaver and beautiful Pomeranian), and Scout the
Min Pin, he is best friends with Baby (the Chihuahua) they always sleep
together and keep each other warm, they also love to lay out in the sun."

Pomeranian PicturesPomeranian Picture
"This is Calvin mine and Lola's best friend! He is the reason why I love
dogs so much, I can't imagine a better dog! The four of them get along

Picture of Small DogsSmall Dog Breed Picture

Great Pictures Rosario, thank you for sending them in, they look like they have a fantastic home.

Here Are The Breeds Considered To Be Small Dogs...

Click on the links to see pictures of that small dog breed.

Australian Terrier (Terrier Group)
Brussels Griffon(Toy)
Chinese Crested(Toy)
English Toy Spaniel(Toy)
Italian Greyhound(Toy)
Japanese Chin(Toy)
Manchester Terrier (Toy)
Miniature Pinscher(Toy)
Poodle (Toy)
Yorkshire Terrier (Terrier Group)

Shih Tzu(Toy)
Silky Terrier(Toy)
Bichon Frise (Non-Sporting Group)
Boston Terrier (Non-Sporting Group)
Cairn Terrier (Terrier Group)
Dachshund (Hound Group)
Dandie Dinmont Terrier (Terrier Group)
Lhasa Apso (Non-Sporting Group)
Miniature Bull Terrier (Terrier Group)
Miniature Schnauzer (Terrier Group)
Norfolk and Norwich Terriers (Terrier Group)
Schipperke (Non-Sporting Group)
Scottish Terrier (Terrier Group)
Sealyham Terrier (Terrier Group)
Skye Terrier (Terrier Group)
Tibetan Spaniel (Non-Sporting Group)
West Highland White Terrier (Terrier Group)
Welsh Corgie(Herding Group)

If you'd like to see more pictures of small dogs sent in by our viewers click here...

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