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Shih Tzu picture, great pictures sent in by our viewers.

Shih Tzu picture :: A page dedicated to Shih Tzu Dog pictures from our viewers.

The Shih Tzu Dog pronounced "Shiszoo" means 'Lion', they were originally bred in Tibet then further developed in China and were a favorite of Royalty and the wealthy.

Many think the Shih Tzu stems from a cross of the Tibetan Terrier and the Lhasa Apso. Considered a companion or lap dog they are friendly and affectionate and love the company of people.

Known for ear and eye infections you need to keep on top of regular cleaning and monitoring, their considerable coat should also be taken into consideration if you're thinking of one as a pet.


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This is a picture of my Shih Tzu Dog "Lucky" she was another one that was abandoned and brought to our shelter, she was very lethargic when she arrived and I thought she was dark gray until I bathed her to reveal a beautiful white and light gray coat.

Her coast was long and tangled and it took considerable time to have her groomed properly, she was older and lived with us for about 4 years before her time came, she was a lovely girl and one of the nicest dogs I've ever met, I miss Lucky Ducky alot.

Shih Tzu Dog Picture of Lucky Ducky

"My Shih Tzu Picture of "Lucky" a happy little girl that brought us alot of enjoyment"


How They Measure Up:

The Shih Tzu origins are in Tibet, then developed in china, later appearing in the west in the later 20th century around the 1930's.

They have a long flowing coat that comes in a variety of colors and does require regular frequent care.

Measuring upto 11 inches and weighing from 10 to 18 pounds.

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