Sativa The Pomeranian Pug Dachshund

by Kimberly Shaw
(Springfield, Ma)

I don't think she wanted to take a picture here haha!!
she is laying across the back of the couch, sometimes she thinks shes a cat!!

My baby girls name is Sativa. She is 5 years old now. She is Pomeranian, Pug, and Dachshund. She is not only my dog... She is my daughter, she is my best friend. She has the length of a Dachshund, the hair and tail of a Pomeranian, and she has quite a bit of extra skin on her back like a Pug. Sativa loves to play with ropes and her new pink squeaky I got her for Christmas. She also loves playing with her tennis balls. Everyone who meets her literally falls in love with her and says she's very beautiful.

You see, I lost my daughter in 2001 in a horrific car accident. I was 5 months pregnant and sadly she was born stillborn. I was very young and told I could most likely never have another baby. I was lucky however to have my son Jesse before I had my daughter Jessica. But I still cannot have any more. I love Sativa just as much as I love Jesse. They are both my kids. I refuse to live somewhere that doesn't allow animals because of her.

I struggled with depression for years after the accident. Then my friends Pomeranian had puppies. I saw a fat cute puppy he was a male. I said I wanted him. But my boyfriend at the time had another cute fluffy one that was female. He handed her to me and she looked at me, I instantly fell in love. We took her home he named her Sativa. I thought I had lost her one night about a week after I got her. I let her go outside to go to the bathroom because we started that right away. It was dark we lived in the country. I ran into the house to do something and left the door open that night. I had a couple of drinks this night so I was kinda forgetful. When I thought she got lost outside I looked up under the calling her name and I heard and saw nothing. I started crying immediately I thought I lost my baby girl. I went inside the house and went to my room and looked down in my pile of dirty clothes and saw a little brown furball in my clothes haha. I picked her up and kissed her and said ill never lose you again. Point is she is my baby girl. It would kill me literally if I. Ever lost her. She is my angel my daughter that will never move away never go to college, she is mine forever. She is my life!!!

Thank you for your pictures and letting us know about Sativa, you are both very lucky to have found each other.

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