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Saluki Dog Pictures, breed information and pictures from our viewers.

Enjoy these Saluki Dog Pictures, the Saluki is from the Hound Group and has been called the oldest breed of the hunting dogs in the world.

It's roots stem back to it's native Arab homeland some 5,000 years plus. It has historically been used as a sighthound paired with the hawk for hunting Hare and Gazelle. It's tremendous speed, endurance and grace make it a thing of beauty to watch in flight.

These Saluki Pictures were sent in by Frank Morris:

"Chime is the Queen of the house and Jazz plays second fiddle. Chime
does share her 2 sofas, big soft chair and water bed with me and Jazz.
She also has her own PT Cruiser that she lets me drive her around in."

Saluki Dog Picture Chime

Picture of Saluki Jazz

Saluki Picture Sultan

Saluki Statistics:

Their coat is smooth and silky with feathering. The height of males is from 23-28 inches with bicthes quite a bit smaller. They are known to be sensitive dogs, reserved with strangers and a unique personality.

They love their runs and exercise should be a priority.

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