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Picture of small dog, our viewers have sent in these great small dog breed pictures.

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Picture of small dog, because dogs are not classified by their height small dogs come from a variety of different groups, some from the Toy Dog Group, others from the Terrier Group etc.

Our viewer's have sent in these great pictures of small dogs, if you have a small dog and you'd like to post it's picture on our website for everyone to enjoy email it to DogPictures@pet-dog-magazine.com. I'll try to get it up with our other friends as soon as possible.

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What breeds make up the Small Dog Group?

Generally these dog's are considered to be small dogs:

Australian Terrier (Terrier Group)
Brussels Griffon(Toy)
Chinese Crested(Toy)
English Toy Spaniel(Toy)
Italian Greyhound(Toy)
Japanese Chin(Toy)
Manchester Terrier (Toy)
Miniature Pinscher(Toy)
Poodle (Toy)
Yorkshire Terrier (Terrier Group)

Shih Tzu(Toy)
Silky Terrier(Toy)
Bichon Frise (Non-Sporting Group)
Boston Terrier (Non-Sporting Group)
Cairn Terrier (Terrier Group)
Dachshund (Hound Group)
Dandie Dinmont Terrier (Terrier Group)
Lhasa Apso (Non-Sporting Group)
Miniature Bull Terrier (Terrier Group)
Miniature Schnauzer (Terrier Group)
Norfolk and Norwich Terriers (Terrier Group)
Schipperke (Non-Sporting Group)
Scottish Terrier (Terrier Group)
Sealyham Terrier (Terrier Group)
Skye Terrier (Terrier Group)
Tibetan Spaniel (Non-Sporting Group)
West Highland White Terrier (Terrier Group)
Welsh Corgie(Herding Group)

Chinese Crested Dog Picture

Maltese Dog Picture

Shih Tzu Picture

Toy Poodle Picture


Chihauhau Picture

Yorkshire Terrier Picture

I hope you enjoyed our picture of small dog sent in by our viewers as much as I enjoyed putting them up!

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