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Pet Safety :: Learn how to protect your pet and prevent them from becoming lost.

Pet Safety :: protect your pets before they are lost by following some common sense tips.


Pet-Proof Your Yard And Fence

Check your fences regularly for new escape routes and keep your gates securely locked. Use should always use a lease or carrier when transporting your Dog or Cat, they can sense change and tension and can bolt easily.


Keep Recent Photos Of Your Pets

Always have recent photos of your dog, cat or other pet before it's too late. Close up shots that detail them well will be crucial if they are ever lost or stolen.


Keeping Collars On Your Pets

Make sure your pet is always wearing a collar with a pet tag id that has your current phone number on it. Ensure you always have a current rabies tag and pet license attached to your pet's collar.

A pet collar and phone number tag are the most important form of ID you can have for your dog, cat or other pet.


A Backup ID System

Look into having your pet outfitted with a microchip. A dog or pet microchip provides positive and reliable identification of your pet, most modern shelters across North America have the ability to scan animals for this Pet ID device. Your Vet can provide you with more information about pet microchips.


Pet Safety Tips

  • Never leave a choke chain on an unattended dog. Many dogs hang themselves every year in their owners absence.

  • Use breakaway collars for your cat so they can wear ID at all times.

  • Avoid writing your name and address on your flyers or posters if you've lost your pet, your phone number is enough information for anyone to contact you.

  • Always take a friend with you when searching for your lost pet or responding to a found pet contact.

  • Be aware there are nominal fees when you pick up your pet from a shelter or pound. These fees are used to help other lost animals, an additional donation of any amount will also be appreciated, I know I was always thankful for any support.

Pet Safety is mostly common sense, I always think of my own dogs the way I would a 5 five old child, they should never be left unsupervised for too long of a time, always make sure they are safely behind locked gates and fences and not left to roam on their own.

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