Thinking About Creating Your Own Pet Products? Read This First...

In this report I'm going to tell you about a simple formula that anyone can use to create their own pet products or any product... Did you know:

"most people try creating their products in the completely wrong order."

Take me for example, see I had several ideas for pet products that I thought would be tremendous successes:

  • How about a Leather Dog Leash Guaranteed for life
  • The Automatic Dog Feeder
  • The Complete Dog Training Manual

I'm a dog trainer and I thought if I could make a Leash that was guaranteed for life, I could sell thousands of them and add a nice chunk of change to my income. I am pursuing this but I learned some valuable lessons before I sunk a pile of money into this project.

One: You have to make sure that you have a market for your product before you invest any kind of money into your idea.

Two: You have to do a survey of atleast 10 different product ideas to determine what you 'target market' really wants.

Three: Once you have a winner idea from your survey what's the first thing you do? Well I'll tell you this it's not jump in and start making your product. You craft your sales letter first.

See most people create their product first because they feel if they think its a great idea everyone else will too. Now doesn't it make more sense to find out what people really want first? If you know what they want all you have to do is make it for them, done, a much easier route than wishful thinking.

Now listen, these points are only a very small fraction of the information in this system, and that's exactly what it is, a step by step system you can follow to create and market your own pet products or any kind of products. You really have to read it for yourself.

Maybe you're thinking, hmmm I don't know if I want to develop my own products right off the bat but I'd like to do something. Here's what I did, first I created an affiliate site.

An affiliate site is this, you take a subject you know and enjoy like a hobby, profession, special interest, whatever you like to do. For me I train dogs, I love dogs and after my research I found that a dog site was a profitable 'niche'.

So you research and write articles about something you're interested in, have good 'merchants' (like Pet Smart, 1888Pet Meds etc) that pay you a % of any sales that result from your referrals.

Now that's a pretty quick explanation, for a more complete explanation on the how's, who's, where's and when's go to Site Build It and learn more about it.

Site Build It researches the best merchants for you to join, shows you how to get listed in search engines, builds your Website with you (even if you have no previous experience), tracks all your links, gets traffic for you plus in includes all your hosting and domain name costs. Plus it does a whole lot more that but go see for yourself. Site Build It

P.S. I hope you found this article helpful. If you'd like any further information on either of these products email me and I'll answer any questions you have. John@Pet-Dog-Magazine

P.P.S.S If you get the Amazing Formula send me an email and I'll tell you what I did to get the most out my copy, there's alot of ground to cover in it and I'll tell you what worked for me.