Save On Pet Meds, How To Give Your Pet Medications...

Costs of Pet Meds add up quickly. Veterinary offices make significant profits from selling you the pet medications your friends need.

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Giving Your Pet Medications..


With Food: Hide the pill in a piece of processed cheese, peanut butter, luncheon meat or favorite soft snack, most dogs will inhale it quickly.

If your pooch catches on, trick him by giving him a couple 'undoctored' pieces first. Crunching the pill into pieces and mixing it with Canned Dog Food or Yogurt is another alternative.

Without food: At some point you'll have to give your dog a pill without food, that's why it's important to be able to handle your dog from head to toe. Start at an early age touching him on every part of his body including handling the muzzle, paws, underbelly, everywhere, make it enjoyable and future care will be simplified.

"Pill Popping Technique"

With one hand on top of the muzzle, tilt the dog's head on a 45 degree angle upward, with your other hand push your fingers on his lips just behind the fangs, this will cause his mouth to open, pop the pill as far back on the tongue as possible.

Close the mouth, holding it shut loosely until you see the tip of his tongue pop out of his mouth (it looks like he's sticking his tongue out at you for a second), this signals the pill has been swallowed.

It takes practice, the key is to be firm but fair, remain calm and in control.

Liquid Medication:

Use a Plastic Applicator to administer Liquids. (Get one at your Vets or any Co-op they're very inexpensive, about .50 cents). Much easier then using a spoon.

The same as giving a pill but be much easier, get your dogs mouth open as stated above then just squirt the medicine in the mouth with the applicator.

They're making liquid pet meds flavored these days so your pooch may even enjoy his medicine.:-)

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