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Norwegian Elkhound picture, a page dedicated to pictures of the Norwegian Elkhound.

Norwegian Elkhound picture :: These ancient Nordic Dogs were originally bred to track Elk and other large animals like bear, wolves and lynx.


I caught your post in one of the usenet groups and thought I'd send in this
picture of my beloved Tana.

Tana is no longer with me. She took ill about 3 weeks ago and because her
kidney's had failed we had to put her down. It was a very sudden illness so
we don't believe she suffered much. Tana has been with us for 13+ years. We
got her as a teeny puppy 8 weeks old and she's been a very loving and caring
part of our family. She loved to go for walks and hang out with us. It used
to drive her crazy when my husband and I were at opposite ends of the house
because she could never decide who to sit with. compromise she
would always sit in the middle of the house so she could keep an eye on both
of us.

Tana was a very special dog and it broke our hearts when she became ill.
It's only a week now she's been gone.

Thank you for offering a place to display her picture. She was such a
beautiful dog it's nice to be able to have her on the web for people to see.
Elkhound is a great breed and I would recommend it to just about everyone.
You would just have to be ready to vacuum constantly ;-).

Thanks again,
Lisa Larsen

Picture of Tana the Norwegian Elkhound

Tana Larsen, gone but not forgotten.

Thanks for your contribution Lisa, Tana looks like a lovely dog, it's never easy losing a pet but we're better for having them. It was touching reading about Tana.

How They Measure Up:

Part of the Hound Group

Country of Origin: Norway

Coat Type: Fluffy, Grey / Black

Height: 20 to 23 inches

Weight: 50 to 60 lbs.

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