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The Non Sporting Group or Utility Group

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The Non Sporting Group or Utility Group is the most varied of all dog groups. Being a mixed bag of dogs the non sporting group is made up of dogs that either don't fit into any other category or are no longer used for the purpose they were first developed for.

Examples of this are; the Bulldog who was originally bred for the now illegal sport of bullbaiting, the Dalmation, who was originally bred as a coach dog to keep the horses moving and the Poodle, originally a water dog used in hunting.

No Two The Same

The dogs in this group have the widest variety of size, color, coat and appearance. Even within their own breed you will find a selection of sizes, coat types and coloring.

Large or small there is a breed to suit anyone within this group:

• American Eskimo Dog
American Bull Dog
• Bichon Frise
Boston Terrier
• Chinese Shar-pei
• Chow Chow
• Dalmatian
• Finnish Spitz
French Bulldog
• Keeshond
• Lhasa Apso
• Löwchen
• Poodle
• Schipperke
• Shiba Inu
• Tibetan Spaniel
• Tibetan Terrier

The smaller end of the Non Sporting Group are the likes of the Tibetan Spaniel and the Lhasa Apso, the larger side includes the Akita and the Dalmation.

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