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The 'Newfoundlander' is believed to be the ancestor of the Tibetan Mastiff, a large water dog with natural life saving abilities. They are well known in Europe to assist in emergency sea and water rescue work.

Gentle and good natured describe these gentle giants, fiercely loyal to their masters.

Their unique 'webbed feet' and double coat known for it's oily water resistant nature make it a natural swimmer.

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This picture was sent it by William:

This is a picture I have of my fathers old Newfoundlander "Brutus". He used him to show and won quite a few awards.

Newfoundland Dog Pictures

Thank for the Newfoundland dog pictures William!

How They Measure Up:

The Newfoundland Dog's average height is 28 inches for males, 26 inches for females. Their weight is 140-150lbs to 110-120 lbs respectively.

The Newfoundland Dog is part of the Working Dog Group.

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