Murray Boy

by John

Smiling Murray

Smiling Murray

Smiling Murray
Handsome Boy
Best Friend
Miss You Boy

It seems strange that it is so hard to find words to describe who was my best friend for so many years. I still can't believe he's been gone over 5 years. My boy Murray was certainly more than a dog, he was indeed my best friend. I think about him everyday and sometimes I get sad when I do but I quickly remind myself that he was a blessing to me, I don't know what I would have done without him.

The pictures you see of him and I were taken just before he left us, he still looked as healthy as could be, I got him when he was about 1 year old so I don't know exactly how old he was when he died but I think around 10. I always thought he would be around until he was at least 15 years old. I got him from a kennel that took in strays had a no kill policy and I was told he was extremely skinny when he arrived. He was so malnourished when he got to the kennel they were thinking of putting him down, fortunately for me they got him back into good health. I knew the minute I saw him he was the dog from me.

There is a quote by author Walter Scott that is very fitting, it goes like this:
“The misery of keeping a dog is his dying so soon. But, to be sure, if he lived for fifty years and then died, what would become of me?” and this rings true.

The day he went was one of the worst days of my life but he provided me with so much happiness there is no comparison. The happiest memories I have are with just me and him out on our walks together, but we didn't just go on walks, he traveled everywhere with me. Always happy to go in the car he was a regular fixture with me whether going on appointments or just to the corner store, when people pulled up besides us they would always look at him and smile.

He was a beautiful dog and had many nicknames but my mum called him 'Mr. Handsome' and it was a very fitting name. All I have to do is close my eyes and I can see his face as clear as day running along with the air blowing back his coat, his mouth slightly open showing his white teeth and a look of joy on his face as he ran.

He smiled often and looking at him smile made me smile and still does, I miss you everyday boy and I know I'll see you again. I have know many dogs in my life but none quite as special as my boy Murray, won't be long boy, won't be long.

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Feb 06, 2013
The BEST One
by: Flora

Mr. Handsome,

I know it's late, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas (computer problems) I miss you so much Handsome, I think about you everyday and gives thanks every night that you came into our lives. You were and are the BEST one and I will love you forever my boy. We will be together again one day my boy, I will meet you at the Rainbow bridge.Keep up the good job of keeping all the other guys in line.

Love forever, Grandma.

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