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Mixed Dog Breed, beauty or the beast? Many people debate which is better a Mixed Breed or Purebred Dog.

The term mixed dog breed can be misleading and sometimes confusing. By definition a Mixed Dog Breed is combination of two Purebred dogs mating together, this is sometimes done on purpose, an example would be the Cockapoo.

People that breed like this are under the assumption that they are taking the best of 2 breeds and getting what they consider their ideal dog.

When you mate 2 different Pure Bred dogs what usually happens is some of the offspring resemble the Father (Sire) and some resemble the Mother (Dam).

There have been cases where the breeding of 2 Purebreds has eventually gained Official Registration i.e. the Kyi Leo, a cross between a Lhasa Apso and the Maltese.

Mixed Dog Breed Pictures

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But My Dog Doesn't Look Like like Any Kind Of Pure Bred Dog?!

What most people think of as a mixed dog breed are actually officially called 'mongrels'.

Personally I don't like the term ( both my dogs are 'mixed breeds' although I've had pure bred as well) it sounds degrading somehow.

Mongrels are dogs that are of completely mixed parents, meaning both parents are either mongrels or of mixed breeds, in other words both parents are not Pure Bred Dogs themselves.

What's Better?

Most if not all Pure Bred Dog Owners will swear up and down that the only good dogs are Pedigree Dogs, I know for fact this not to be true, you can just as easily get a poor tempered purebred dog as anything else. I've dealt with and trained 100's of dogs and

In the end it is not the Breed of the dog that determines how 'good' of a dog you get but it's overal personality and tempermant, you can find 1000's of well mannered mixed bred dogs and mongrels that will make wonderful lifelong pets.

Specialty Dogs

Certain dogs have been bred for specific purposes for 1000's of years and therefore do make a better choice at times. An example of this are hunting or gun dogs. Pointers, Setters, Spaniels and Hounds are a good example of where a PureBred is a better choice than a Mixed Dog Breed.

All in all in my opinion Mixed Dog Breeds can make wonderful pets and are usually the ones in most dire need of rescue at pounds and kennels, I have personally trained or retrained over 300 mixed breed dogs and placed them in homes.

How Do You Tell What Kind Of Dog It Is?

As puppies without knowing their parents it's next to impossible to tell what kind of dog or size the puppy will grow to. DNA tests are now offered but it is a lengthy wait for results and most people don't want to spend that kind of money when adopting a puppy.

One way to tell if the puppy you're looking at will have a heavy coat is to look at it's belly, if the hair if very thick as a puppy generally it will have a heavy coast as an adult.

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