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Mixed breed dog pictures -3

More Mixed Breed Dog Pictures -3

I've been getting alot of mixed breed dog pictures I've started another mixed dog breed page. I have two mixed breeds myself.


Mixed breed dogs can make the best pets of them all, there is always controversy from Pure Breed Dog Owners who feel that Mixed breed dogs don't measure up, I for one disagree, I have two mutts myself (I hate that word too!) Click here to see the pictures of my dogs.




Hi - My name is Veronica Olvera and my dog's name is Piper. She is a year old, a mix breed of Beagle/Basset hound. She's very smart but head strong. I hope you enjoy these picture as much as I do.

Thank you for your time.
Veronica O.

mixed breed dog picture "Piper"
Mixed Breed Dog Pictures

Thanks for sending in your mixed breed dog picture of Piper, looks likes she's a real character.

Betty Moore send along picture of her mixed breed 'Kami' :

"This is my mixed Pit Bull dog. She is the sweetest baby ever. At 1.5 years, she is well trained, well socialized and a great companion. She is very vocal and loves to talk to you."

Mixed Pit Bull Dog

Here is Santana from Kathy Linden...

Border Collie Sheppard Mix

"This is Santana she is boarder collie Sheppard cross."


Send Us Your Dog's Pictures:

You don't need a website to share your dogs face with the rest of the world, let us do it for you.

I hope you enjoy these dog photos, if you have a mixed breed dog picture you'd like to share with us click here to send us your dog's picture.

Click here to see more mixed breed dog pictures -3

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