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Miniature Bull Terrier Pictures, post yours here.

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Enjoy these Miniature Bull Terrier Pictures graciously donated by our viewers. The Miniature Bull Terrier is exactly like the Bull Terrier except for one, it's size. These muscular dogs need a owner who will keep on top of them as they can tend to have a mind of their own.

Energetic and feisty, these powerful dogs were originally bred for dog fighting and also made excellent ratters. They come in a variety of colors from White, Gray, Black and various shades of Brown.


I hope you enjoy these photos, if you have one you'd like to share with us just send it by email: Miniature Bull Terrier Pictures


These pictures were sent in by Stacy:

"I am sending you a picture of my 21 month old Miniature Bull Terrier, his name is Zorro."

Miniature Bull Dog Picture Zorro


Mini Bull Terrier Picture

Bull Terrier Picture

Hi John,
I took some pics today so I'm sending you a pic of my female mini bull terrier. This is "Bindi". She is an Australian import. She is 9 months old.

Thank you,



Smart, cheerful, fearless, and typically referred to as a clown, the Miniature Bull Terrier is basically a smaller version of the standard Bull Terrier. In fact, the "mini bull" is a great dog for those who admire the standard "bully" but, for whatever reason, can't handle the size (typically up to 80 pounds) and dominance of the larger breed. The mini has been around almost as long as the standard Bull Terrier (that is, since the late 1800's); it was created by pulling smaller pups from standard bull litters and then breeding them to create a whole line of mini-sized "bullies." The smaller dogs, however, suffered from a number of faults and, due to lack of standardization, fell in and out of favor in both British and American show rings.

In the 1960's U.S. breeders imported Miniature Bull Terriers from England. Stateside fanciers gained Miscellaneous Class status from the AKC. Still, the small gene pool here continued to restrict breed improvement. It was not until greater numbers of minis were imported from both England and Australia in the early to mid 1980's that the breed began to reach the standardization required. The AKC admitted the breed to the Terrier Group in 1991.

Description: (Miniature Bull Terrier Pictures )

The Miniature Bull Terrier looks just like a standard Bull Terrier, with the same squarish, muscular build, short flat coat and long, strong head. Indeed, the mini bull is considered a "head" breed, in that its deep, egg-shaped head is its distinguishing feature. There is no stop where the nose departs from the brow, so the animal has what looks like a "Roman nose" arcing gently down in one long, undifferentiated line. The eyes should be triangular, well sunken, and have a keen and intelligent look. The nose should be black and the teeth should meet in a scissors bite.

The neck should be muscular and long. The back is short and strong, but arches up over the loin. The underline curves gracefully upwards. The chest looks broad from the front, but is not as broad as a bull dog's. The short tail should be carried horizontally and should taper to a fine point. The typical gait is smooth and easy, even a bit jaunty. Coat colors are white (with or without head markings), fawn, brindle, and red.

I look forward to seeing more of your Miniature Bull Terrier Pictures.


Children: Best with older, considerate children.
Friendliness: Fairly friendly with strangers.
Trainability: Moderately easy to train.
Independence: Not particularly dependent or independent.
Dominance: High.
Other Pets: Do not trust with other pets.
Combativeness: Tends to be fairly dog-aggressive.
Noise: Average barking.
Grooming and Physical Needs:
Grooming: A little grooming needed.
Trimming & Stripping: No trimming or stripping of the coat needed.
Coat: Short coat.
Shedding: Average shedder.
Exercise: Moderate exercise needed.
Jogging: A poor jogging companion.
Indoors: Moderately active indoors.
Apartments: Not recommended for apartments.
Outdoor Space: Needs an average size yard.
Climate: Does well in most climates.
Owner: Not recommended for novice owners.
Longevity: Fairly long life span (12 to 15 years).


Watchdog, hunting (rats), agility, retrieving (balls), competitive obedience, and performing tricks.

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