Discover the history and standards of Maltese Dogs

Maltese Dogs make lively little companions although their ancestory may surprise you a little. The breed dates back to the ancient Island of Malta, it was the favored companion dog to the wealthy in Greek and Roman times.

Greeks from that period constructed tombs dedicated to the Maltese Dog and you'll often find this breed featured on art from that period. They made their way to the United Kingdom around the 16th Century and later to North America in the 1800's.

Just The Facts


The Maltese is of Toy Breed Group and is covered from top to bottom with a mane of white hair. Due to the nature of their long silky coats grooming requirements are high, a daily brushing is recommended.

A good tip if your pups coat or skin is getting itchy/dry, you can add an egg (either raw or cooked) to their food or try a small amount of vegtable cooking oil mixed with their food.( I add about a teaspoon to my medium sized dogs dry food whenever I notice his coat drying out, this isn't necessary at every feeding and each dog will require different amounts, always start with small amounts, my guy only needs maybe once or twice a year now)

How The Maltese Measures Up

Height: 6 to 10 inches
Weight: 6 to 10 lbs. (preferred under 7 lbs to meet show standards)
Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
Breed Group: Toy
Coat and Color: The body is to be Pure White, long and silky, a wavy coat is frowned upon with regards to showing. A slight twinge of tan or lemon is allowed on the ears.

If you're interested in a comprehensive reading on Maltese Dogs you can learn alot from Anna Katherine Nicholas, she's the author of 'The Maltese ( a complete guide to Maltese Dogs )', its a complete reference on the breed covering its History, Standards, Purchasing a Pup or Dog, Care and much much more. There's 16 sample pages at the above link.

Living Space And Exercise

Due to their size Maltese Dogs are ideally suited for urban dwellers, they're lively little guys and tend to gentle in nature. Although they can adapt to the smallest of areas comfortably they will do equally well with lots of room to roam. Like all dogs, Maltese Dogs enjoy exercise and will flurish when getting out of the house 2 or 3 times a day for a short walk or play session. As with all breeds obedience training is a must, my motto is 'prevention is better than correction'.


Due to the very nature of their coat you can expect to give them a brushing daily.

I have adopted/rescued several small breed dogs with equally extensive coats, my suggestion is that unless you are planning on showing your pet keep his/her coat much shorter than its natural length, this will keep your grooming requirements to a minimum and your pooch will be a little more comfortable.

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Just For Fun
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Maltese Calendar

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