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Long haired german shepard pictures sent in by our viewers

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Long haired german shepard picture :: Have a look at these great pictures of long coated german shepherds sent in by our viewers.

The German Shepard is one of today's more popular breeds, originally developed in Germany from old breeds of herding and farm dogs these wonderful dogs have provided many services to man over the years.


The Long Haired German Sheperd is a less well known member of the German Shepard family. Similar in size and proportion the main difference is obviously in it's coat. Additional detail to grooming for these beautiful dogs will be required.

If you don't have a website and want a picture of your pooch on the net why not put one up here? Send us your dogs picture and we'll put it up on our website for everyone to see.


These Dog Pictures were sent in by Susan Carrier:

"This is Dakota. She is 15 mos old. She is a Long Coated German Shepherd and a perfect specimen of her breed. She is 26" tall and 84lbs."

Long Haired German Shepard Picture

"A wise person once told me that you don't own a dog like this, you are just privileged to have them as a part of your life. "

Long Haired German Shepard Picture

Caleb at 7 wks old. How could you resist taking this puppy home. He is a Long Coated
German Shepherd from Ayers Long Coated Shepherds, a breeder in WV, specializing in this breed.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy Picture

The name Caleb means "Bold and Faithful" and he is just that.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy Picture

Caleb is a 10 mos old Long Coated German Shepherd. He is already 28" tall and 100lbs and will not be full grown until 3 yrs.of age. He should top out at 120-130lbs and approx. 30" tall. The Long Coated Shepherds are a lot more laid back than the traditional shepherds.

They are considered a fault by AKC standards, but they were the original shepherds that the short coats were bred from in the 1800's. They have a very loving temperament and are very easily trained because of their high intelligence.

Thanks for sending in the pictures of your dogs Susan, they certainly look beautiful.

How They Measure Up:

Part of the Herding Group

Country of Origin: Developed in Germany, now world renown.

Coat Type: Thick and semi coarse, colors Black and Tan, Light Gray or Sable.

Height: 23 to 25 inches.

Weight: 75 to 95 lbs.

Nature: Loves people, can be persistent, consistent training required.

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