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The Herding Dog, man's working class friend.

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The Herding Dog Group was created just over 20 years ago and is the most recent addition to the AKC Classification. Although new to the AKC these dogs have been working with man for centuries.

The Herding Dog has a long history of helping cattlemen, ranchers and shepherds. Although they are still being used in this capacity in many regions all over the world they have also adapted nicely to become excellent household pets.

Watching one work is a thing to marvel, many will instinctively herd family members especially small children.

Varying is size, from the smallish Corgi who stands at most 1 foot tall to the substantial Bouvier Des Flandres who can reach up to 27 inches.

These dogs make great companions and are very enthusiastic in a wide variety of training. They love exercise and are quick to learn.

The 17 breeds that make up the Herding Dog Group:

Australian Cattle Dog
• Australian Shepherd
• Bearded Collie
• Belgian Malinois
• Belgian Sheepdog
• Belgian Tervuren
• Border Collie
• Bouvier des Flandres
• Briard
• Canaan Dog
• Cardigan Welsh Corgi
German Shepherd Dog | Long Haired German Shepard
• Old English Sheepdog
• Pembroke Welsh Corgi
• Polish Lowland Sheepdog
• Puli
• Shetland Sheepdog

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