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German Shepard Picture :: The german shepherd dog is one of the most well known breeds with a staunch following. Formerly called the Alsatian this mighty dog was developed in Germany and it's roots lie in the stock of herding and farm dogs.


Used as war dogs, they later developed into top Police and Security working dogs.

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"Berlin is a female, DDR German shepherd dog. She is very high drive with an invincible spirit. Here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains she practices her launch, a skill she recently put to good use in the kitchen: I found her standing with all four feet on the counter top. She is one year old in the snow picture and 15 months old in the grassy picture."


German Shepard Picture

Berlin the German Shepard

german shepard picture

Great looking dog Scott, thanks for sending it in!

How They Measure Up:

Part of the Herding Group

Country of Origin: Developed in Germany, now world renown.

Coat Type: Thick and semi coarse, colors Black and Tan, Light Gray or Sable.

Height: 23 to 25 inches.

Weight: 75 to 95 lbs.

Nature: Loves people, can be persistent, consistent training required.

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