French Bull Dogs History, Facts and Care...

French Bull Dogs are a sturdy compact breed originally bred as a companion. Cousin to the English Bull Dog, their origins are still a topic of debate.

After the sport of Bull Baiting was outlawed fans of The English Bulldog took smaller, gentler specimens of the English Bull Dog and combined them with the The Pug, resulting in French Bull Dogs.

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How The Frenchies Measure Up...

Overview: The French Bull Dog is sturdy, compact and muscular with a short smooth coat, intelligent and lively they love to be part of the action. Their muscular build mirrors their English cousin.

Height: 10-12 inches
Weight: Two weight classes; 19-22 lbs. and 22-28 lbs.
Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
Breed Group: Non-Sporting
Coat and Color: Coat is short, smooth and fine. Colors: All colors are acceptable.(except all black, for show purposes)

The ultimate guide for French Bull Dogs is Flat Face Encyclopedia - Bulldogs and French Bull Dogs: A To Z. a must for the French Bull Dog Fancier.

Living Space and Exercising

Slightly smaller than their English cousins, they can adapt to various living quarters, they enjoy exercise more than the English but still be careful in excessive heat. They are also slightly more susceptible to heat stroke than most other breeds.


Fairly low maintenance compared to the English Bull Dog, a weekly brushing will suffice. Their wrinkles aren't nearly as deep as the English so a weekly cleaning or check will do.

Dog Supplies, Treats and Necessities

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