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English Springer Spaniel Picture :: Photos and information on Springer Spaniels

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Sandy Payne sent in her English Springer Spaniel Picture of Paddy:

hello my name is paddy and im 3 im a black and white springer spaniel and when i was 1 i was left to die by some nasty people i had to have my tail cut off and needed lots of T L C thats when my new owners came along they look after me and i have never been more loved then i do now i get lots of toys and go for lots of walks and im all better now i hope you like my picture

Thanks for sending in Paddy's picture, it's always nice to hear happy ending, sounds like a happy and lucky dog and owner :-)


English Springer Spaniel Picture

English Springer Spaniel Picture

Here is another English Springer Spaniel picture sent to us by Melissa, she writes:

"Here is my English Springer Spaniel, Running Gunner. He is just a happy go lucky guy who loves life."

English Springer Spaniel Pictures

Beautiful dog Melissa, thanks for sending him in!


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The Springer Spaniel gets his name from his method of flushing game; he springs forward to drive birds out of hiding. This breed hunts well both on land and water and is good at working in brush. He also is a fine retriever. The English Springer's merry, gentle personality makes him an ideal family dog.

Description: ( English Springer Spaniel Picture above )

A compact, hearty medium sized dog with long pendant ears, the English Springer Spaniel should be sturdy and neither too light nor too heavy. The dog should have a proud bearing, with a slightly sloping topline which is approximately the same length as the height at the withers (never longer). The tail is generally docked (and wagging!), and is held horizontally or slightly upward. The front legs should be straight. The feet are compact. The head is impressive but not too heavy, in good proportion to the rest of the dog. The length of the head should be about the same as the length of the neck. The stop is moderate with a groove rising between the eyes, gradually disappearing in the middle of the forehead. The topline of the skull and muzzle have approximately parallel planes. The eyes should have a kindly expression. The ears are set on in line with the eyes. When pulled forward, the ears should reach all the way to the tip of the nose. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The English Springer Spaniel has a double coat. The medium length outer coat is flat or wavy, and feathered. The undercoat varies according to climate and season. Colors are liver-and-white, and black-and-white (with or without tan markings), blue or liver roan. The white may have flecks of colored hairs.

Notes: ( English Springer Spaniel Picture above )

Beware of hip dysplasia--buy from OFA certified stock (both parents and grandparents should be certified if possible). This breed tends to gain weight easily, so don't overfeed. Needs a lot of exercise to be happy. Train gently. Some skilled scissoring and clipping needed about every three months. The ears must be cleaned frequently.

Personality: ( English Springer Spaniel Picture above )

Most English Springers are great dogs for kids. Playful, gentle and energetic. A tail-wagger. Merry, brave and sweet. Best when with people as much as possible. Can get into trouble if left alone too long. Usually good with other pets with the possible exception of birds. Sometimes scrappy with same sex dogs. The English Springer breed has been experiencing a serious personality problem some individuals. An otherwise normal dog goes into sudden rage, viciously attacking people. During the attacks the dog does not respond to commands. This condition is generally not evident until the dog is one to two years old and any dog exhibiting this problem must be humanely euthanized. Check with breeders about history of "rage" in the lines.

Behavior: ( English Springer Spaniel Picture above )

Children: Good with children.
Friendliness: Loves everyone.
Trainability: Easy to train.
Independence: Needs people a lot.
Dominance: Moderate.
Other Pets: May be aggressive with dogs of the same sex; do not trust with non-canine pets.
Combativeness: Friendly with other dogs.
Noise: Average barker.

Grooming and Physical Needs: ( English Springer Spaniel Picture above )

Grooming: Regular grooming needed.
Trimming & Stripping: Skilled trimming or stripping needed.
Coat: Feathered coat.
Shedding: Average shedder.
Docking: The tail is customarily docked.
Exercise: Vigorous daily exercise needed.
Jogging: An excellent jogging companion.
Indoors: Relatively inactive indoors..
Apartments: Will be OK in an apartment if sufficiently exercised.
Outdoor Space: Best with at least an average-size yard.
Climate: Does well in most climates.
Owner: Good for novice owners.
Longevity: Average (10 to 12 years).

Talents: ( English Springer Spaniel Picture above )

hunting, tracking, retrieving, watchdog, agility, competitive obedience, and performing tricks.

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