The English Bull Dog, One Of Todays Most Popular Breeds

The english bull dog originates from the British Isles, bred for the popular sport of Bull Baiting (where the bull dog is to bring the bull down by biting the snout). This was outlawed in 1835 which left the english bull dog with a lack of usefullness.

The English Bulldog is commonly referred to as the Bull Dog. The combination of The English Bull Dog and The Pug gives us The French Bulldog.

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Character and personality are words that come to mind. They are a sensitive breed and love the companionship of their masters. If you're thinking of getting one please bear that in mind. They love people and tend to get along well with other dogs if they're socialized early in life. (This applies to most Dogs Breeds)

Please do research before getting an english bulldog.

An excellent resource book is Flat Face Encyclopedia - English Bull Dog and French Bull Dog: A To Z. There are others but most of them contain outdated pictures or are ads selling other products.

They are a wonderful breed but they do require a little more attention than the average dog.

Thinking Of An Englsih Bull Dog? Here's some points to ponder...

  • Susceptible to Heat Exhaustion, anything over 80 degrees should be monitored. They succomb to heat stroke/exhaustion easier than any other breed. Make sure they have plenty of water available especially outside. They aren't a cold weather fan either, I don't mean to imply they can't go outside at all but if you're looking for a jogging buddy or high energy exercise dog, consider another dog breed.

  • Don't like being neglected, this may result in chewing or some other destructive behaviour. If you're going to leave him/her alone alot think about another breed.

  • English Bull Dogs are very popular, because of this two things have happened; they have been poorly bred by people out to make a quick buck and they are often targeted by theives who want to resell them. This a terrible thing to have happen, please monitor your Bull Dog when outside. (any dog for that matter, my cousin had his Golden Retriever stolen when tied up in his front yard, heart breaking)

  • Keep an eye on them around water, they are poor swimmers but they'll try anyways, treat your bull dog like a toddler, keep an eye on them.

Already a Bullie Fan?...

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English Bull Dogs are susceptible to a few health problems:

  • small trachea
  • allergies
  • dermatitis
  • eye lid anomalies
  • hip dysplasia and heart problems
  • they may vomit phelm from time to time (most short snout dogs do)

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Grooming Care...

Bull Dogs have a short flat coat, they love to rubbed down and should be brushed atleast once per week. Their wrinkles need to be kept clean (cleaned daily to every three days, depending on the dog).

It's a good idea to keep Vaseline handy to rub on their nose and a talc powder for their wrinkles.

Lots To Know...Think About Adopting

There is lots to learn about the english bull dog, check out THE BULLDOG CLUB OF AMERICA they have tons of info and operate a rescue service for this wonderful breed.

If you're set on getting a Bull Dog, research them well, buy only from a reputable breeder (Bull Dog pups are not cheap, if you find one that is, be cautious, you can expect to pay atleast $1000.00)

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