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Dog Seat Belt, buckling up your canine companion for safe car traveling.

Dog Seat Belt: No matter what size your is, big or small, you need to buckle up them all. Dog and pet car restraints have been around for many years but are just now becoming more well known.

Inside your Car, Truck or SUV you should also take measures to ensure your pet is safe and secure when traveling.

I cringe every time I see a dog in the back of a pick up truck free to roam around, this is an accident waiting to happen. Not only is there really danger if an accident takes place but there are other dangers such as the dog leaping out on it's on as well as bugs that can cause damage flying into the dogs eyes and ears.

Protecting Your Dog With Comfort

Just like people, dogs should be securely belted in any time they ride in a vehicle. There are many different models available for dog seat belts or "seat leashes", the best are crafted of durable nylon approximately 2" in width with cushioning. They serve a dual purpose as dog harnesses when stopping for a 'pit stop' along your journey.

Containing your dog with a seat belt also serves to protect other passengers incase of an accident, you know your pet will stay secure and won't be thrown into the windshield or out of an open window.

Why Use Dog Seat Belts?

Courtesy of the American Kennel Club

  • Having your pet secured safely avoids driver distraction

  • Protecting your dog from sudden stops avoids mild collisions which can turn your dog into an object that can injure you or other family members.

  • In the event of an accident at 30 miles per hour, a dog weight is equal to 30 times it's own weight according to crash test results. So a 30 pound dog sent flying is equal to 900 lbs of force, enough to injure or even kill anything in it's path, higher rates of speed increase the force.

Other Points To Consider:

Be sure to use your Dog Seat Belt in the back seat, front seat driver air bags could cause injury to your dog incase of an accident.

Dog restraints are meant for dogs or other pets/animals only, never use them for human beings.

In my opinion it's time to secure your pets with a dog seat belt or leash restraint to protect both you, your family and your best friend.

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