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Our very own Pet Dog Newsletter :: Would you like to receive a free email newsletter with all the latest Cute Dog Pictures updates, informative Dog Articles and interesting and helpful dog information?


I compile my research and experiences into helpful articles, and then deliver them to your e-mail box in this monthly newsletter. We'll also have some great freebies for you and your best friend every now and then.

To give you a taste of what you can look forward have a look at our Free Report, here's what we'll cover...



  • Why does my Dog lick me?
  • How do Dogs smell things so well?
  • Why do Dogs Pant?
  • Can Dogs really hear better than humans?
  • Is a Dog's mouth really cleaner than a human's mouth?
  • How does a Dog whistle work?
  • How does a Dog know it's name?
  • Where do Dogs come from?
  • What are Rabies?
  • Are all Dogs the same?

You can read this free report right here online if you click here ( it'll open up in a new window) or right-click on the above link and select Save Target As and save it to your computer to read later.

The Pet Dog Barker

You'll get answers to interesting and quirky dog facts, updates on our latest cute dog pictures, solutions to dog problems, updates on our new 'dog photo contests' and we'll even throw you the odd free bone....

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