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Dog Containment System, keeping you best friend safe and sound.

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Dog Containment System, big or small you need away to keep your best friend safe and sound and in your own home boundaries. Dog containment systems come in a variety of shapes, methods and uses.

Keeping your dog on your own property may require a dog run, kennels and pens, or a fenceless underground system. Other Pet containment options include Crates, Auto Barrier Systems and even Pet Doors, you'll even find Dog seat belts to keep your pooch safe and secure when traveling on the road.


Kennels and Pens

Kennels and pens are a more permanent means of a dog containment system and keep your dog within a limited space. They come in a variety of sizes and are made of metal. You can purchase collapsible pens that are easily transported to different locations. Take care to ensure you have a proper top to provide shade if you intend on placing yours in a sunny location, you dog should also have a constant supply of fresh water available.




Pet Gates are an ideal solution if you want to contain your dog to a particular section of your home. They're easy to install in most doorway openings and are similar to child proof gates. You can also find wider gates that will section off parts of any room with walk through sections for us humans :-)

Pet Doors

Pet doors aren't really a dog containment system but if you're tired of getting up every time your dog want to go in or out of your house they are a nice convenience. Pet / Dog doors come in a variety of sizes for small dog breeds to the largest of our canine companions, heck your cat can even use them!

You can install your dog door in most existing doors, walls or sliding glass doors as well. They also come with their own locks if you do want to use them as a sort of dog containment system to keep your dog inside or out for a period of time.

Auto Barriers

Most dogs love going for a ride in the car, I take my boy Murray with me everywhere I can. (Please remember to never leave your pets in a car with the windows done up in warm weather)

Pet / Dog Auto Barriers are gates that contain your dog to one section of your car. (Usually the back). This prevents them from moving all over your vehicle while you're driving, for peace of mind and safety they're a very good idea especially if you have a nervous or overly excited Dog.

Safety Harnesses

Made for mostly Smaller Dog Breeds dog containment safety harnesses keep your pet confined on their own Pet Car Seat while driving. The harness allow your dog to sit up or lay down while keeping them comfortable and safe. The seat attaches uses your car's seat belt and many come with a great storage space handy for keeping leashes, food and toys organized and close at hand.

As you can see there are many different types and styles of dog containment systems, pick the appropriate one to keep you and your pet safe and sound.

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