Dog Calendars Paradise

Dogs have been our faithful friends and companions for 1000's of years. Just as Dog Breeds come in all shapes and sizes so do your favorite Dog Calendars. From Akita's to Yorkshire Terriers they make a great gift that lasts all year long.

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Labrador Retrievers, originally used to aid fishermen in dragging in their nets, Labs have become one of the most popular hunting dogs and family pets. Highly intelligent, they excel as guide dogs, drug and bomb detectors. See the Labs Calendar and 100's more.

Chihuahua's, originate from a state in Mexico of the same name, they are a lively lap/companion dog. One of the smallest and oldest breeds in the world they're alert, happy companions that get along well with all.

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English Bull Dogs are one today's most popular breeds, they come from hearty stock, full of character, they love their masters company. Strong willed, sturdy and courageous, their unique personality is what Bull Dog Lovers are drawn to.

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Mixed Dog Breeds offer the best of both worlds, you always get a unique looking dog with the characteristics of several breeds. Mixed Breeds or Mutts make wonderful pets, I have two Mixed Breed dogs and they're terrific friends.

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Cocker Spaniels were originally bred for flushing the Woodcocks out of brush. Cocker Spaniels have become one of the most popular breeds to date. They come in several varieties and are known as gentle and affectionate yet are lively and exuberant in their play.

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Boxers are descended from the Bulldog and Mastiff, they're loyal and friendly with their family and friends as well as a natural guardian. Courageous, strong, alert and full of stamina the Boxer makes an ideal companion for the Dog Lover.

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