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Dog Breed Picture Blog (Web Log)

Dog Breed Picture Blog, what is a blog? Well atleast it rhymes with dog but it's actually a web term that means Web Log. This is the page you can come to when you want to see the latest Dog Pictures and infromaton we've posted on Pet-Dog-Magazine.

Remember if you have a dog and you'd like his/her picture on the web you don't need your own website, just send your dog picture to us and we'll put it up for you.

Just send your dog's picture or comments on dog to us Dog Breed Picture Blog include your dog breed picture, your dog's name, your name (if you like) and a bit about your pet.

Dog Breed Picture Blog:

November 28, 2004

Well I'm getting alittle more efficient in gettint the your dog picture up, we've update many pages and also added a Funny Puppy Dog Picture page. We've also added to the Pet Dog Therapy page as well!

November 26, 2004

We've added a page on Maltese Puppy Pictures, great fluffy white puppy pictures for your enjoyment!

November 21, 2004

More great Dog Pictures sent in, we've added a page on American Pitbull pictures, have a look at these great dog pictures about this now newsworthy breed, let us now what your opinion is! They sure look like a friendly breed from these photos.

November 10, 2004

A couple of treats added today, must sees if you will, first check out Splint the wonder dog, she's a Pet Therapy Dog sent in recently, also here's a great dog picture of some Boxer Puppies in a red wagon, I think you'll enjoy these two as much as I've enjoyed putting them up.

October 10, 2004

And the pack continues to grow! Here's some Pomeranian Dog Pictures recently sent in as well as some more great mixed breed dog pictures as well, thanks to all for sending in your pictures!

September 4, 2004

Oh boy, I'm behind again but I've added so many new dog pictures to the site in the last couple weeks I haven't had time to update many other pages, my apologies if yours took a while to get up. Anyway have a look at the latest additions:

Springer Spaniel page added here, Boston Terrier Page added to the pack as well here, I've also added many new Mixed Dog Breed Pictures as well both here and here. Thanks to all who sent in their pictures, looks like all the dogs on this site have great homes which is nice to see.

July 18, 2004 11:31 AM

How time flies, I just added these two pages today, more on the way, first here's some Black Lab Pictures and we've also received some American Bull Dog Pictures which I'm also glad to have put up, they are somewhat hard to find so thanks again to all.

June 20, 2004 7:00 PM

Oh my, I can't believe I haven't been updating this page! I have added quite a few pages in the last little while but I forgot to update our blog. I'll do that shortly, in the meantime have a look at these pictures sent in by my sister in law of their Bull Terrier Daisy... I have a couple other picture to add and will do that in the next day or two.

April 10, 2004 11:21 PM

Got many more pictures in today and I managed to get them all done, you can see some great Chihuahua Pictures here, some nice Collie shots here and a Husky-Setter Mixed Breed Picture was added as well!

April 9, 2004 10:21 PM

I'm having some trouble keeping up with the pictures but I mustn't complain we have a few beauties added this week! First off you can look at Susan's Long Coated German Shepherd pictures, after you're finished there have a look a Rosario's great small dog pictures.

Nice additions to the site and my thanks to you for sending them in!

April 3, 2004 10:12 PM

Wow, almost a week between updates! I've added pictures of Boxer Dogs here, also added a couple more mixed breed dog pictures in the last week, click here for more mixed dog pictures.

March 29, 2004 1:01 PM

We're getting alot of Mixed Dog Breed Pictures sent in so we added another page! More Mixed Dog Breed Pictures here...

A couple of great German Sheppard pictures were also sent in, have a look at them here.

March 27, 2004 8:41 PM

We added more dog pictures today! You can find a picture of Lisa Larsens Norwegian Elkhound Tana here.

Two more Mixed Dog Breed Pictures added as well, see Jack the Rottie/Sheperd Mix and Dakota a one year old Chow/Sheperd

March 20, 2004 10:04 PM

Mixed Dog Breed Picture page added, pictures were sent in by Dave Fluker of Gilroy California

"Caught your post on one of the dog usenet are Morgan (brindle
Plott/Boxer mix) and Zoey (Treeing Walker Coonhound). "

March 19, 2004 1:03 AM

Dina sent us a picture of her Toy Poodle 'Dude', a real cute dog with lots of personality.

Dina writes:

"Hi, I saw your post, and your great website. I am sending in a photo of my dog "Dude"...
He's a full stock toy poodle, but due to his heavy country eating he's 19 pounds instead of seven. He's 11 years old.

Thanks for the picture Dina!

March 16, 2004 12:06 AM

Michelle from Canada sent us this great picture of her Chinese Crested Dogs:

Here is "Hocus Pocus(Mother) & "Hailey the (Daughter) They are Chinese Crested Hairless.

This picture was sent it by Lucille: Maltese Dog Breed Picture

"Here's two pictures of my Maltese Puff. The top one was taken when he was 2-1/2 years old (that's a wrist watch he's wearing) and the bottom one when he was about 1 year."

I added my own to the dog breed picture blog, uploaded my gone but not forgotten Shih Tzu Lucky, click here to see a picture of lucky


March 15, 2004 10:41 PM

These Saluki Pictures were sent in by Frank Morris:

"Chime is the Queen of the house and Jazz plays second fiddle. Chime
does share her 2 sofas, big soft chair and water bed with me and Jazz.
She also has her own PT Cruiser that she lets me drive her around in."

These dog breed pictures were sent in by Stacy:

"I am sending you a picture of my 21 month old Miniature Bull Terrier, his name is Zorro."

I look forward to seeing your picture of dogs here soon,

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