Is Dog Arthritis Affecting Your Pet?

Any dog can suffer from dog arthritis. The definition of Arthritis is
"pain and stiffness in the joints"

Symptoms to look for:

  • Your dog is moving more slowly
  • Less Energy
  • Limping or favoring one leg
  • Stiffness
  • Restlessness, can't get comfortable
  • Uncomfortable moving or reluctant to move

Preventing Arthritis

  • Laying on concrete, concrete contains alot of moisture which will greatly add to the chances of your dog getting arthritis or aggravating the condition. (this includes interlock walks, driveways etc.)
  • Excess Weight, overweight dogs have an increased chance of suffering from arthritis as the additional weight puts more stress on their joints.
  • Regular Exercise will keep your dogs muscles toned, joints functioning and help keep their weight in check.

Remedies, Relief's

  • If your dog is overweight, slimming him down is one of the best things you can do.
  • Regular exercise keeps the muscles toned and retards the progression of arthritis, go on short walks several times a day at your dogs pace.
  • If they're outside pets please provide them with excellent shelter, particularly out of the wind and rain in a nice comfortable, warm bed. Better yet let them sleep inside.
  • Hard surfaces are hard on the joints, provide a nice soft bed.
  • Applying heat provides comfort, a good idea is to use a warmed water bottle twice daily on sore joints. There are also many other 'instant heat' products available from sports stores.
  • A gentle massage relieves discomfort, stay a few inches away from the sore joints and you'll see the relief on their faces.
  • You can build or purchase stands that will raise the height of their dinner and water bowls, eliminating stressful neck pain.
  • Building ramps to avoid unnecessary jumping is imperative, you can purchase ramps for your car as well.
  • Give your Dog buffered aspirin, dosage: 1/4 of a 325 mg tablet per 10 pounds of dog, twice daily

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Veterinarians can prescribe medicines to help your dog, but often they are temporary relief or don't work.

They can have a negative effect on your dogs energy, appetite and mood.