Dachshund Puppy Higgins

by Folts
(United States)

Our Dachshund Puppy - Higgins

Our Dachshund Puppy - Higgins

This is our Dachshund puppy Higgins, he is 6 1/2 months old. Higgins is a Dapple Daschund which means he is both white, brown and red.

The picture I've sent in is Higgins dressed up in his Chef Halloween costume, he is as cute as can be.

Thank you,

Thank you so much for sending in Higgins picture, he is a gorgeous fellow. My grandfather breed and raised Dachshunds and had one that was actually a North American champion.

Subsequently we had Dachshund growing up and they are definitely a lively pup to have around, a little mischievous at times too!

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