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Collie Picture, pictures of smooth and rough coated Collie Dogs.

Collie Picture :: Have a look at these wonderful pictures of Smooth and Rough Coated Collie Dogs.

Collie Dogs are another of the herding dog breed originating from Scotland, many think the Scots obtained their stock from Iceland. Queen Victoria made these dogs famous by bringing some back to her personal kennel after a trip to Scotland in the 1860's.

Coming in two varieties, smooth and rough coat, they are most famous due to the popularity of the movie series Lassie!

There are generally 3 color varieties accepted, Sable and White, Tri-Color (Black, White and Tan), and the Blue Merle. Friendly and playful they have the common characteristics of most Herding Dog Group Dogs, easy to train and love human companionship, they also make excellent guard dogs and tend to be wary of strangers, a characteristic I particularly like.

As you can see we have some excellent pictures of the Rough Coated Collie Dog but we're still in need of a Smooth Coated Picture, if you have a Smooth Coated Collie Dog Picture we'd like to add it to our website, email it to:

Susan Carrier sent these pictures along:

"This is Salem. She is a 2 yr. old Tri Rough Collie. She is very large for a Collie 26" tall and 88lbs. (Above the normal range for a female collie). She is beautiful in temperament and looks and is a wonderful family pet."

Collie Pictures

Rough Coated Collie Picture

Collie Dog Picture

These Rough Coated Collie Dog Pictures were sent to us by Susan Carrier, you can also see her other dog pictures of her Long Coated German Sheperd by clicking here.

Thanks again for sending in you dog pictures Susan!

How They Measure Up:

Origins: Roots lie in Scotland

Coat Type: Rough coated Collie has long flowing hair, Smooth Coated Variety short and easier to maintain.

Height: 22-24 inches / 18-20 inches.

Classification: Herding / Working Dog Group

Nature: Strong willed, loyal, intelligent and require regular exercise.

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