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Chinese Crested Dog, a page dedicated to pictures of the Chinese Crested sent in from our viewers.

Chinese Crested Dog :: there are two varieties, the Hairless and the Powderpuff, the hairless is thought to be the more unusual looking of the two. The tuft of hair on their head is called the crest hence the name.

The skin on the Hairless should be soft to the touch and can require moisturizing cream to keep it subtle, care should be taken in the sun to prevent sunburn.

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Michelle from Canada sent us this great picture of her Chinese Crested Dogs:

Here is "Hocus Pocus(Mother) & "Hailey the (Daughter) They are Chinese Crested Hairless.
Chinese Crested Dog Picture

Chinese Crested Dog Picture

Thanks for the great picture Michelle!

Interesting Facts:

Part of the Toy Group the Chinese Crested is said to have been owned by wealthy families during the Han Dynasty.

Country of Origin: Originally from China they made their way to England in the 1800's.

Coat Type: There are 2 varieties; the powder puff and the hairless, the powder puff requiring daily brushing, the hairless obviously none but special care needs to be taken to maintain a soft subtle touch.

Height: 9 to 13 inches.

Weight: Can weight up to 12 lbs.

Nature: Loves people, can be persistent, consistent training required.

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