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Bull Terrier Puppy Pictures : have a look need we say more?

Bull Terrier Puppy Pictures: I don't normally devote whole pages to one dog but we received these cute puppy pictures of 'The Guinness', I'll let the pictures and owners comments do the talking.

My deaf Bullie The Guinness, I.B.D.

We used to have another deaf Bull Terrier but he passed away two years ago and we missed him terribly...

Bull Terrier Image

We started sending emails to breeders to see if we could get another one but had not decided anything. Then we got an email from a breeder near Kingston, Ontario. She had discovered that one of her recent little of pups was deaf and instead of destroying the little guy (he was the runt of the litter, too) she told us that we could have him if we came and got him (for free!) and sent us a few pictures of him.

bull terrier puppy pictures

The cats have issues with him but he is bringing them around...

bull terrier puppy picture with cat

He is terribly classy and really identifies with Elvis a little too much (and I am not talking young Elvis here)...

bull terrier puppy picture

Thank you so much for sending in picture of your bull terrier puppy, it's so nice to see that there are kind people like yourself willing to give dogs like The Guinness a good home.

The funny thing about dogs with slight deficiencies is that they turn out to be the most wonderful pets of them all and provide more to the owner then could be imagined, he looks like a great dog!

My brother has a Bull Terrier and You can find more Bull Terrier Pics and breed information here. Do Bullies have a thing for cats? Check out the above link and find out!

I hope you enjoyed these terrific Bull Terrier puppy pictures as much as we enjoyed posting them.

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