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Bull Terrier Pic :: beautiful pictures of bull terriers sent in by our viewers.

Bull Terrier Pic :: have a look at these terrific pictures sent in by our viewers of their Bull Terriers. Click here to go directly to the bull terrier pictures...

Contrary to popular belief they are friendly fun loving dogs but are loyal and protective of their human family. They thrive and are happiest with the people they love and do not do well shut away from their family.

Bull Terrier Information


A Bull Terrier typically has what is referred to as a Egg-Shaped head, this particularly applies due to the way his head tapers in towards the nose.


They have obliquely placed eyes which are sometimes referred to as Mongolian eyes, the outer corners situated higher up in the skull than the inner corners. Other breeds with such eyes include the Alaskan Malamute, the Finnish Spitz and the Flat Coated Retriever.


One of their most unique traits is their nose, it took me a while to get used to it's appearance. The profile of a Roman nose is one in which the nose curves in a convex manner.


Their Tail is classified as a horizontal or whip tail and is similar to that style of tail known as the "Bee Sting" which means a strong straight tail which tapers to a point.

I have to admit these are pictures my sister in law has sent in of their Bull Terrier Daisy, she's around 3 years old and is full of energy. As you can see she's a beautiful dog and gets along well with her fellow Feline house mates!

bull terrier pic

bull terrier picture

dog and cat picture
One of Daisy's feline friends "Studd"

cat and dog picture
Daisy's other feline housemate "Sammy"

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How They Measure Up:

The Bull Terrier or English Bull Terrier is of course part of the terrier group and originates from the UK. Known as a gladiator of the canine race it is full of courage but is of even temperament with family and friends.

Descending from Bull Dog Blood mixed with Terriers particularly the White English Terrier and some Dalmatian.

They are solid muscle and require firm handling and careful training, they can be stubborn. Generally height is from 21 to 22 inches and weight 52 to 62 lbs, females being slightly smaller.

The Bull Terrier comes in 2 varieties, solid white or colored, their coat is short and glossy and requires minimal grooming. They are energetic dogs and love to play with balls and enjoy plenty of exercise

They have extremely strong jaws and will chew up balls and toys easily.

There is also a Miniature Bull Terrier, if you're interested in seeing pictures of

miniature bull terriers click here.

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