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Boxer Puppy Picture

Boxer Puppy Picture :: If you love Boxers and you love puppies you've come to the right place! I was originally going to have a page solely devoted to puppies but I recieved these great pictures of boxer puppies and decided to give them their own page.


The boxer is a member of the Working Dog Group. Thought to be a descendant of the Bull Dog and Great Dane, the Boxer was originally developed in Germany.


Do you have a boxer puppy picture you'd like to have us post for you? If so send us your puppy or dog picture and we'll put it on our website for everyone to see.


Christina's Boxer Puppy Picture:

Hi: My name is Christina and I had a litter of boxer pups. I am submitting this photo since all my customers told me I should enter it in a contest. I am sure you hear the same thing from alot of folk, but I truly love them and figure this would do them justice.

boxer puppy picture

Christina Smith
Boxer Beauty's U.S.A.

Too bad we only have one picture to show of our boxer puppies Christina, I don't know if you'll find a cuter puppy dog picture.

How They Measure Up:

Eventually Boxer Puppies grow up, here some information about adult boxer dogs...

Adult Males 22½ to 25 inches females 21 to 23½ inches.

Tails are usually cropped. Ears can be cropped or uncropped.

The coat is short and smooth and requires little maintenance.

Muscular build, ears can be cropped or uncropped.

Originally bred as a guardian type dog, the boxer is now one of the world's most popular breeds. Although fun loving and playful they still retain their natural guard dog nature.

Stamina, courage and self confidence describe them best, fiercely loyal to their owners and family friendly. They make an excellent choice for a dog but early obedience training is highly recommended.

After you've seen our boxer puppy picture page you may want to see pictures of adult boxer dogs. (This page will open in a new window so you don't lose your place.)

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