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Boxer Dog Picture, our page dedicated to pictures of Boxer Dogs.

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Boxer Dog Picture :: The boxer is a member of the Working Dog Group. Thought to be a descendant of the Bull Dog and Great Dane, the Boxer was originally developed in Germany.


Originally bred as a guardian type dog, the boxer is now one of the world's most popular breeds. Although fun loving and playful they still retain their natural guard dog nature.

Stamina, courage and self confidence describe them best, fiercely loyal to their owners and family friendly. They make an excellent choice for a dog but early obedience training is highly recommended.

I hope you enjoy these dog photos, click here to send us your cute dog pictures.

Al Burr sent in his newest addition:

Hey John, I’m sending you a picture of my new puppy brinx. He is a rescue and is nine months old. He is currently in at 70 +/- lbs. He and my Mixed Breed German Shepard/Husky Nikita get along well.

Picture of Boxer Dog

Thanks Al, you can see Al's Shepard / Husky Mixed Breed Dog Nikita on our Mixed Dog Breed Pictures page.

This picture was sent it by Francis:

"This is a picture of my buddy Thumper, he's a beautiful boy."


Boxer Dog Picture

Thank for the boxer dog picture Francis!

How They Measure Up:

Adult Males 22½ to 25 inches females 21 to 23½ inches.

Tails are usually cropped. Ears can be cropped or uncropped.

The coat is short and smooth and requires little maintenance.

Muscular build, ears can be cropped or uncropped.


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