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Boston Terrier Picture ::

Boston Terrier Picture :: The Boston Terrier was first bred for use in dog fights, today they are gentle, well-mannered and affectionate indoor dogs. They are most responsive to patient training and are good with children and the elderly as well as making good watchdogs.


A small, dark brindle-and-white or black-and-white dog with a smooth, unwrinkled broad head that looks somewhat like a Boxer's. The muzzle is short, topped with a full black nose. The body is slender with well-defined lines, with a build more like a terrier than like a bulldog. The expressive, wide-set eyes are very large, dark and rounded. The small, cropped ears are held erect. The short coat does not shed.

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This Boston Terrier Picture was sent in by Tracie and Jimmy Denson:

boston terrier picture

We noticed that you did not have a picture of a Boston Terrier on your site. This is Boo. He is believed to be around 2 years old. We found him in our yard one day, and nobody ever claimed him. He has been ours for almost a year now. He is a great little dog. As you can tell by the picture, he is a "full blooded" Boston Terrier.

Thanks for sending in your Boston Terrier Picture of Boo.

How They Measure Up:

The Boston Terrier is part of the Non-Sporting Group

Though bred at first for use in dog fights, today's Boston Terrier is a gentle, well-mannered, very affectionate indoor dog. He is receptive to patient, kindly training, though somewhat willful. Fine with children. Especially good with elderly people. Gentlemanly. A good watchdog.

Children: Excellent with children.
Friendliness: Fairly friendly with strangers.
Trainability: Easy to train.
Dominance: Low.
Other Pets: Generally good with other pets.
Combativeness: Friendly with other dogs.

Grooming and Physical Needs:
Grooming: A little grooming needed.
Trimming & Stripping: No trimming or stripping needed.
Coat: Short coat.
Shedding: Average shedder.
Docking: The ears are customarily cropped.
Exercise: Moderate exercise needed.
Jogging: A fair jogging companion.
Indoors: Relatively inactive indoors.
Apartments: Good for apartment living.
Outdoor Space: Does all right without a yard.
Climate: Does well in most climates.
Owner: Good for novice owners.
Longevity: Long (15 or more years).


The Boston Terrier is a native American breed that originated from crosses involving English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and some terrier breeds. The breed was shown first in Boston, hence the name. The Boston Terrier was recognized by the AKC in 1893. Today's Boston Terrier is primarily a house pet and companion dog

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