by Shelby Louder
(Aurora Colorado )

My name is Shelby Louder. I always wanted a dog but never could find the right one for me with the connections. One days friend had this little puppy she was the most precious puppy I'd ever lay eyes on. I had to have her and lucky enough the were giving her away instantly I said I would take her.

The next day the family had called me telling me that they were going to keep her. I was so sad I felt like I had already made that connection with her and now I couldn't have her. I went the rest of the day so sad. Around 7 pm the family called me asking of I would still want her I rushed over to her house and got everything I needed for a puppy. The first night with her she cuddles up with me all night. Her personality is so outgoing for a little puppy. We are inseparable and I love her more then words, but she is also the most beautiful dog.

Most puppies are cute but something about her is just so different she is absolutely gorgeous! She deserves to be shown to the world!

Thank you for sending in your pictures Shelby, Bella is a beautiful pup.

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