Site creator John Clifford, his background and bio's on his pet dogs and rescued animals.

My name is John Clifford, I've been working dogs for over 10 years. As an apprentice Dog Trainer and Kennel operator. I have studied under master Dog Trainer, Norm Murray.

I currently have three dogs, pictures below. We have rescued and adopted out approximately 300 unwanted dogs over the past five years.

We avoid euthanising any animals, there have been three dogs in the last three years that were either too dangerous or too sick to help. I think that's a pretty good average.

If you want to contact me please do so by email: John@Pet-Dog-Magazine

Thanks for your time........John

Current Roster...


This is my main man 'Murray' I've had him 4 years, adopted when he was around 9 months old. This dog could not be more well behaved [must have something to do with the trainer :-)].

I can't believe that anyone would not have tried to find this dog. When he came to the kennel he was seriously undernourished, skin and bones.


Tyson was 'boarded' at the kennel but his owners never returned. The phone number they left was false so he became a permanent resident.

He was extremely fearful of people, myself included. He wouldn't come inside in -20 degree weather. I eventually was able to lasso him and made him stay inside at night.

He still doesn't like strangers but is really a big baby with people he knows.

Buddy Boy

This guy was to date the worst case of neglect I have ever seen. He's a Yorkshire Terrier and his hair was so matted that he could not walk properly much less go to the bathroom.

He had to be sedated to be groomed. When the vet checked his teeth three of them fell out together because they were so rotted and covered with plaque.

The poor guy is now almost completely blind, his hearing is very poor, has bad kidneys and heart but he actually is a happy guy.


We also had a few cats at the kennel, one ended up at my place, Puddy is the token cat. She's a nice girl, quite chatty for a cat. She arrived at the kennel when she was a kitten (around 6 weeks old) made her way to my house. The rest is history.

Gotta have atleast one cat right?

Gone But Not Forgotten...


She came in completely matted and I thought she was gray until I bathed her. She turned out to have a beautiful white coat. Her sight was very bad when she arrived as well as having ears completely filled with black wax.

After cleaning and maintenance she turned out to be a beautiful little girl. I still smile when I see pictures of her.

She got very ill about two years after we had her and was eventually put down. I really miss Lucky Ducky.


A big sweetheart, a Neapolitan Mastiff who was abandoned. She arrived at the kennel very hand-shy, I believe she was hit often by the lowlife that owned her.

She had numerous health problems, arthritis being her worst. I tried to have at home but she didn't get along well with the others so she came back and forth with me to the kennel.

Unfortunately she had to be put down about a year and a half after I had her. She was a darling girl who was mistreated but an uncaring person.

I wish I was able to do more for her but she did love the walks we'd go for each day, even though her joints ached.