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Australian Cattle Dog Pictures, dog pictures graciously donated by our viewers.

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Australian Cattle Dog Pictures :: Australian Cattle Dogs are hard working dogs on farms throughout the world. They thrive on exercise and love to run, chase and herd, this all comes naturally.


They are naturally suspicious of people they don't know. They are trustworthy and obedient while being independent.

Thanks to Michele Somday for sending us her Australian Cattle Dog Pictures, she also sent along a few words about her dogs that you'll find interesting.

I hope you enjoy these Australian Cattledog photos.



Hi John,

I visited your website and thought I'd send you a picture of my blue heeler, Louie.

He loves everyone and is probably the worst watchdog on earth. Very unusual for heelers, believe me! I love him to death!

Picture of Australian Cattle Dog

I thought I'd send one more heeler picture. This is Spot, Louie's daughter. We have Desi,
also, who is Spot's mother. Louie and Desi are both working blue heelers on our cattle ranch in N.E. Washington State. Spot, her brothers and sisters are all learning how to work cattle on ranches all over the state. They're funny, smart and fast little dudes.

Australian Cattle Dog Puppy

They actually don't need to be taught too much. Running cattle comes naturally. Unfortunately, so does chasing cars and herding children. They're very sweet dogs though and help us out more than I could ever express. Plus, it helps that we live way out of town.

Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dog Picture

My UPS driver and the Schwan's man have both told me that they hate pulling up to a house when there are "Aussie Cattle Dogs" (blue or red heelers) in the yard. They tend to be very strong, possessive animals. Mine are protective, but not vicious. They've been
raised around little kids and have no bite to them whatsoever. Desi, though, likes to nip my ankles when I'm wearing my coveralls. She knows better than to bite at skin.

I love my silly dawgs.

An additional note from Michelle about her dogs:

Hi John,

I'm sorry that it took so long to get back to you, but it's farming
and calving season and that tends to take up huge amounts of time.

I generally call our dogs "Blue Heelers", but "Australian Cattle
Dogs" is probably the correct term. Heelers tend to be extremely
smart dogs with a good deal of "cow sense" built in. That means they
will herd cattle-or anything else that runs from them-without being
told to. The trick is teaching them to herd ONLY cattle.

They tend to be protective of their homes and their people, which is
disconcerting to some; heelers are not big dogs, but they can pack a
bundle of attitude into their sturdy, little frames. They need space
to run and something to keep them occupied. When raised correctly,
heelers (red or blue) are fantastic working companions. I can't
imagine life without my wonderful cowdogs!

Kindest Regards,
Mich Somday

Thank you Michele, very interesting information,


More Australian Cattle Dog Pictures:

Dana Coca from Albuquerque sent in her picture of her Austrailian Cattle Dog:

"This is Redford, he is an Australian Cattle Dog, he is three years old and his from Albuquerque, and he is a certified Therapy Dog."

"Redford loves going to the nursing homes. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone . Redford loves strawberry ice cream. Redford alsoloves going to the dogpark."

austrailian cattle dog pet picture

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